I.V. Stand 910


Lead Time (days): 14-30


  • 6-leg, welded steel base for maximum stability
  • 25″ diameter, low center-of-gravity (LCG) steel base with epoxy finish
  • 3″ premium rubber casters with sealed ball bearings (10-year caster warranty)
  • 2″ heavy duty welded base pole with white epoxy finish
  • Fixed-position handle at the ideal push-point height
  • Two each, 4-outlet, medical grade UL1363A electrical strip with a protective splash guard
  • Two off-set 1.25” stainless telescoping top poles with welded safety bars and a 12-hook inline rake top (two 6-hook)
  • Safety bars designed to assure proper IV pump orientation
  • The off-set poles are designed to position the central mass of the infusion devices directly over the central axis of the IV stand, maximizing stability during transport
  • 99” fully extended; 73” compressed
  • Shipping box is 13” x 13” x 35” hex box; shipping weight is 65 lbs.

Product Description

The 910 model is a 6-legs, two inline 6-hook tops and is part of the Center G family of products. Its dual pole stand design safely handles multiple infusion devices and companion fluids. This 25-inch base provides excellent stability and with a 12-hook capacity it’s built for a heavy-duty use. The handle assures proper pump orientation and the offset design assures stability for critical care situations. It also includes two each 4-outlet, hospital grade electrical power strip for single wall plug-in convenience and safety.

The smooth-rolling, nurse-pleasing, “quiet-caster” technology makes the stand a steady partner for the patient. It keeps safety at the top of the list and provides an industry-leading ten-year warranty on the precision, sealed bearing casters.


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