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White Glove Service

Our product. Your facility. Zero pain.

Upgrading your IV pumps is a complex, time-consuming, and extremely important process.  You only do it every five to eight years, so the planning must be on point so that it goes without a hitch. Pryor understands the need for high quality IV stands better than anyone in the industry.  But now we are taking quality a step further.

Pryor can now assist your “Go Live” team with a well-orchestrated drop off that minimizes the impact of receiving hundreds of IV stands by truck just “Pryor” to the big day.  Our equipment takes up a lot of space on delivery and often there is no one designated to get the units off the truck and into your facility.  That all changes starting now.

Scheduled and Delivered.  According to Plan.  Your Plan.

We’ll work with you in advance to get the details right.  Dates, times, locations.  We’ll review all these details with you.  A Customer Service Representative will be assigned to your account as your single point of contact.   And we will be available on delivery day in case there are any last-minute adjustments to be made. Because we both know they will happen, regardless of how much planning precedes it!

Pryor will provide you with forms to make sure that together we have thought of everything down to the last lift gate.  Hours of operation and timed deliveries make this all possible, but it starts weeks before it leaves our docks if it is going to get done right.

No More Recruiting Important Staff Members!

“All Hands On Deck” is often the call when a project like this arises at a facility. But the fact of the matter is that your team has better, highly specialized things to do that cannot wait. We are sure they are willing to help, but you know it is not what they were trained for. Our national network of trained service representatives will meet the truck at your facility and complete the delivery mission and require just a handful of your team members to point us in the right direction.

On arrival our team will meet the driver (who typically will do no unloading) and begin the process of removing the IV stands from the truck. The stands will come down the ramp and be readied for installation. This will likely include de-boxing the base or entire units, stripping away any excess material and then roiling the stands to the appropriate designated area for collection and deployment readiness. Your technicians can take it from there, as most all facilities are operating under limited access protocols at this time.

Let’s Get Green About It.

Our program includes a critical element to be environmentally responsible. After the cardboard is removed is stacked and readied for removal by our team. When the drop off is done there is no shipping material to be found on your site. We will dispose of it at the appropriate recycling center in the area and keep your facility looking great at the end of the drop off.

Our packaging is designed from the start to first protect your products, and second to be 100% recyclable. Our customers and partners have been focused on this matter for years and we have done our best to help them meet their corporate environmental standards at each step of the process. This represents the last leg of that journey for our products and your goals. We look forward to continuing to jointly working toward a better environment together tomorrow.

Let’s Get Started !

If you have a project coming up, please call us to review your options at your earliest convenience. We’ll run down some options and begin to present you with options for your consideration. We start with the desired date of arrival and back it right into our manufacturing queue, so it all works together smoothly. Eliminating the “rush” part of any job improves our chance of success and that is our goal: low stress and high satisfaction.

Each job is custom quoted but is largely based on the number of IV stands in your order. This is generally a service for minimum orders of fully assembled stands of 100 units or more. We’ll identify any unique aspects of your project that would include, but not be limited to, timeframes, lifts, ramps, access restrictions, narrow roadways and health related restrictions.

It all starts with a phone call, so reach out to us if your next project is starting to look like it may need a helping hand. We are here for you.

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