Why Pryor

We make the best, safest and most reliable equipment in the industry today. And we have been doing it since 1972 when John Pryor first opened our doors. If you need a custom design or a minor change to our existing product family our design team will work with your team to build the exact product you are imaging right now.

See To Believe

We Have All The Features

There For You

Pryor stands behind our products and welcomes your feedback at all times. If anything is not right upon receiving you shipment we’ll fix it immediately.  If you need a custom or customized product give us a call.

Pristine Quality

Our manufacturing process contains multiple quality checks along its path to finished product. Our “Continuous Improvement” manufacturing philosophy looks for ways to cut costs, not corners.

Durability By Design

There are certainly less costly ways to manufacture an I.V. Stand. But we know that our customers have been coming back since 1972 simply because our products are built to last.

Built Just For You

Eighty-five percent of products that go out our back door have been made-to-order for one particular customer, according to their specifications.  Right down to the color, it’s just for you.

American Made

We have been told that we need robots and outsourcing to do “better.” There may be some truth to what they tell us but we are sticking with the methods that have worked well since the company was founded in 1972.

Talk To Our Employees

Our customer service reps are the best in the business.  You can call them anytime, without an appointment and you’ll see right away that they are happy to talk with you.  No voicemail skills required.

Our Customers

Our Partners