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Design Services

Pryor Products has been designing specialized products for and with the medical industry since its founding in 1972.  This industry has unique requirements and we work closely with our OEM partners to meet their exacting requirements.

We understand that each product is unique and has a variety of parameters that must be addressed throughout the design process. Each step is viewed through the prism of patient safety, functional specification and FDA guidelines.  Our goal is to be deliberative in our process and design suggestions, but never slow the partners pace of design.

Often our process includes product engineering, marketing and purchasing departments to meet interdepartmental requirements simultaneously.  “Time-to-market” pressures affect all of our partners and it is our job to assist them in their efforts to be first-to-market in every way possible.  We understand the challenges associated with FDA approvals and build their demands into our designs.


  • In-depth initial discussions
  • Preliminary findings review
  • Internal team discussions
  • Preliminary customer feedback
  • Agreement on design essentials
  • Budgetary estimates developed


  • 3D models created and reviewed
  • Presentation of designs to customer
  • Changes implemented and re-shared
  • CNC code created from model
  • Prototype cut and tested for form, fit and function
  • Models delivered to client for team review
  • Final design changes for limited production run

Production Evaluation and Testing

  • Model tuned for optimum CNC, manufacturing and assembly timing
  • Results evaluated and design optimized
  • First article shipped for evaluation by customer
  • Appropriate testing methods implemented
  • Results shared with customer for final feedback
  • Final pricing established for volume production
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