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Paul Pryor


Paul Pryor is Co-CEO, Secretary and co-owner of Pryor Products. As Co-CEO and member of the executive team he oversees all the manufacturing operations and human resources management at the PRYOR. He’s responsible for manufacturing high-quality products, from material selection, welding assembling, manufacturing and shipping.

Workforce management and selection is a critical part of Paul’s responsibility as quality products begin with a quality staff.  Paul works closely with our OEM partners to jointly design the IV Stand or clamp that help differentiate their products in the medical care market.

His focus on continuous improvement and a hands-on approach at the operational level insure that quality and reliability are built into every Pryor product that goes out that door.  Careful machinery selection keeps Pryor’s capabilities in CNC operations at the forefront of the industry, insuring timely and cost-effective designs.

Throughout the Pryor manufacturing facility, you will find many single-purpose machines that Paul designed to address employee safety and production efficiencies in his years with Pryor. The unique shapes and sizes of Pryor’s products have created countless manufacturing challenges over the years.  These one-of-a-kind machines continue to allow hand craftmanship to remain an integral part of Pryor’s manufacturing process.

Jeff Pryor CEO

Jeff Pryor


Jeff Pryor is the Co-CEO, CFO and co-owner of Pryor Products. After holding many positions at Pryor Products under his father John Pryor’s founding leadership, Jeff assumed the role of CEO in 1992. As the co-executive in charge of the company business operations and strategic direction his history spans more than 46 years in manufacturing of IV stands, rolling carts and  medical device mounting equipment.

He launched numerous products including the Hitch N Pal, Patient Pal and Center G stands, the Speed Clamp, positioning the company as an innovative, high-quality manufacturer of IV Stands in the U.S. and International markets.  Many of these products are now patented and are the basis of many custom products that serve our OEM partners today.

Driving the growth of the company, Jeff established Pryor’s reputation for quality that is found in every product. Under his guidance Pryor Products has become the market leader in IV stands and Rolling Carts and Mobile Equipment for hospitals.

His involvement in marketing and strategic market development has made Pryor a multi-faceted organization with product diversity that creates a stable revenue base that insures our longevity for our partners.  As CFO Jeff has maintained a sharp focus on capital investments and cost control as well.

George Kemper

George Kemper

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Richard Quintania

Vice President, Manufacturing

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