IV Stand Differences

Our I.V. Stands come in a variety of sizes. Each has been tuned to serve in a particular type of environment, with several accessory options available to complete the fit. Our base I.V Stand designs work for many customers but if you need a dimension or element modified, we can accommodate that as well. Just ask your sales representative for a phone consultation and we’ll work with your team to get it just right.

The Leading IV Stands

White epoxy and stainless-steel finishes available for most stands.
Slow descending inner pole for safe adjustment under heavy loads.
Multiple accessory tops to meet the work load demand for each stand.
The world’s smoothest and quietest casters that please both nurses and patients.
103 IV stand
Oxygen tank holders for D and E size cylinders.
The patented patient-assist wheel makes for safe and stable transport of patients.
Stainless steel tops withstand a variety of fluid types for many, many years without rusting.
Low center of gravity keeps our stands from tipping while loaded with IV pumps.

The Standard for Stability

All Pryor Products IV poles meet international standard IEC 60601-1 9.4.2 for transportation stability. This specification is the key difference in having confidence in the stability of a heavily top-loaded stand under a variety of surface conditions and inclines.  Safety begins with stability and our stands are engineered from the ground up with patient safety in mind.


Pryor’s exclusive casters provide a smooth, solid, quiet rolling feel that is unmatched in the industry. These casters are available exclusively from Pryor Products and carry an industry-leading ten year warranty.  These casters glide over thresholds safely and easily.  Many inexpensive competitive stands last just a year or two, largely because their wheels can’t stand up to the harsh, multi-fluid environments in hospital.  Our stainless steel cover flaps and sealed bearings give you the longevity you need.

Ramp test pic


While we are not a certified testing house, Pryor tests all of its stands with a ten-degree ramp test to deliver a preliminary assessment of stability to our partners.  This testing can save our partners tens of thousands of dollars in lengthy FDA approval cycles by making the first design the right design.

Our experience in testing a variety of IV Stands under various loading conditions translates into better initial designs and more on time product releases for you.

114 IV stand

Low Center Of Gravity

Pryor’s IV stands provide a low center of gravity, heavy weight base that contribute to its exceptional stability.  Plastic low cost stands are no match for our high grade, half inch steel bases that last for years.  This “safety-first” design approach keeps both patients and equipment alike safe in all transportation situations.  The low profile base also easily slides under all types of hospital beds with ease, keeping clutter to a minimum.