I.V. Stand 122T


Lead Time (days): 5-10


  • 5-legs
  • 22″ diameter, low-center-of-gravity steel base with epoxy finish
  • 3″ premium rubber casters with ball bearings (10 yr. warranty)
  • Two casters with brakes Knockdown steel base pole with epoxy finish Slow-descending stainless telescoping top pole
  • 5 hook top Patient support wheel and utility tray Oxygen tank holder for D & E size cylinders
  • Stainless S hook  101″ fully extended
  • 75″ compressed Shipping box is 23″ x 6″ x 35″
  • Shipping weight is 35 lbs.

Product Description

The 122T is a 5-leg, custom 5-hook top design IV Stand and is a member of the Patient Pal family. With a patient support wheel and utility tray, that also includes a five-hook top, including 1 stainless S custom five-hook, circular top secondary medication hanger. The patient support wheel and utility tray make it ideal for the mobile patient that needs additional support in their recovery stages. It’s cost-effective, yet highly reliable.
This stand features two sealed bearing casters with brakes and this extra safety feature helps keep the stand in place on an incline. It’s both convenient and affordable. Additionally, the top pole includes a controlled descent feature for safe height adjustments under load.
This unit includes an oxygen cylinder holder for D and E size cylinders with a stainless-steel S-hook for a drainage bag. This is essential in critical care situations and makes this a versatile stand in a variety of hospital room settings.

Its “flat-pack” packaging configuration for shipping convenience, rather than a welded base affords more storage and transportation options. (Please note that when the detachable stand is assembled, disassembly is unlikely to remove the base from the pole with standard tools).

The smooth-rolling, nurse-pleasing, “quiet-caster” technology makes the stand a steady partner for the patient. It keeps safety at the top of the list and provides an industry-leading ten-year warranty on the precision, sealed bearing casters.
This product was originally designed and built to meet TUV standards.



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