I.V. Stand 176SST


  • Designed for Safety and Stability
  • 25-inch diameter six-leg stainless steel base
  • 3-inch dual precision sealed bearing casters (10 yr. warranty)
  • Telescoping stainless steel slow descending inner pole
  • Stainless Steel8 hook top for ideal line management
  • Compressed height 68” from floor
  • Fully extended height 99” from floor
  • Shipping hex box is 13” x 13” x 13” x 35”
  • Shipping Weight is 35 lbs

Product Description

The 176SST is a stable low center of gravity 25-inch diameter stainless steel six leg IV stand that can hold multiple IV pumps while keeping a lightweight feel, making this our most popular IV pole, loved by caregivers around the world.

This nurse favorite has an in-line 8-hook top for ideal line management and IV bag placement along with a slow descent telescoping inner pole for safe height adjustments while under IV bag load. The low center of gravity stainless steel base is mounted with six dual precision sealed bearing casters for quiet, effortless mobility, and come with a 10-year warranty! This stand is built from the ground up using high grade stainless steels extending the useful life of the pole while standing up to the harsh hospital environment.



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