I.V. Stand 810


Lead Time (days): 14-30


  • This stand is designed to safely support heavy, multiple IV infusion devices and also companion IV fluid containers
  • 6-legs
  • 25″ diameter, low-center-of-gravity steel base with epoxy finish. This base has a welded off-set morse taper that allows the stainless IV pole to securely and permanently attach to the base.
  • 3″ premium rubber casters with sealed ball bearings (10 year warranty)
  • stainless steel IV pole with defeat handle (to assure proper IV pump orientation). This off-set pole positions the central mass of the infusion devices directly over the central axis of the stand, thus maximizing stability.
  • 12-hook rake top assembly
  • Fixed position handle at the ideal push-point height
  • 82″ fully extended; 62″ compressed
  • Shipping box is 27” x 24” x 36,  shipping weight is 54 lbs.

Product Description

The 810 is a 6 leg, inline 12-hook rake top and is a member of the Center G family of products that was created for heavy duty cycle situations. Its features are ideal for line management of IV fluids, avoiding the confusion and the tangling of IV tubing and the ability to mount multiple heavy-duty pumps. It includes a hospital grade, UL 1363A approved, 6-outlet electrical power strip for single wall plug-in convenience and safety.
The smooth-rolling, nurse-pleasing, “quiet-caster” technology makes the stand a steady partner for the patient. It keeps safety at the top of the list and provides an industry-leading ten-year warranty on the precision, sealed bearing casters.



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