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Medical Device
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American Made Since 1972


New Safety Series IV Stands

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Speed Clamp

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Medical Device Carts

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New From Pryor !
High Capacity Multi-Pole IV Pump Stand
Great for ORs and ICUs
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Industry Leading Medical

Device Mobility Solutions

Pryor Products manufactures world-class, industry-leading Class I medical device mobility products for the healthcare industry.  These products include IV stands, rolling carts and advanced mounting clamps that ensure the safe deployments of some of the most advanced medical equipment in the world.

Our products have been proudly manufactured in the United States since 1972 to provide the highest quality material and workmanship in our highly customizable product offerings.

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High Quality Materials

Our IV Poles reflect the highest quality, and are built using the best materials available. This results in a quality product that lasts for years and stands up to the harshest of conditions.  Our material are almost exclusively sourced in the U.S.A.

Safe and Reliable

Safety is at the core of our values and we build it into each and every product.  Every process on our factory floor is designed around employee safety and we are proud of our performance metrics.

High Quality Engineering

State of the art CAD/CAM software that is tightly integrated with our world class CNC machinery leads to seamless Engineering-to-Manufacturing processes.  Pryor manufactures just the products it designs and co-designs.

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OEM Manufacturing


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American Made

Our manufacturing is conducted by Master Craftsmen at every step of our process. Most finished products are touched by as 40 craftsmen before they reach your facilities. There are no robotics involved and quality inspections are rigorous throughout the process. Our materials are sourced in the United States and then bent, welded and shaped into the device you need to serve your patient safely.

We do not make the lowest cost IV Pole in our field. We make the best, safest and most reliable equipment in the industry today. And we have been doing so since 1972 when John Pryor first opened our doors. If you need a custom design or a minor change to our existing product family our design team will work with your team to build the exact product you are imaging right now.

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