Safety Series 900G



  • Designed with the Latest Safety Series Technology
  • Triple Off-Set Stainless Steel Top Poles for Optimum Stability
  • 6-Legs with an XL 27-inch Diameter Base
  • 3-inch Dual Precision Sealed Casters (10 yr. warranty)
  • Ergonomic Steel Handle
  • Telescoping Stainless Steel Slow Descending Inner Poles
  • (3) Stainless Steel 4-Hook Top for Ideal Line Management
  • (2) 6-Outlet Medical Grade Power Strips

Product Description

Introducing the 900G, the latest addition to the Safety Series Family of IV Stands. The foundation of the IV stand is reinforced with laser-cut steel, ensuring enhanced stability like never before. Its low center of gravity, combined with an extra-large 27” diameter base, makes the 900G an ideal choice for High Acuity Units, where stability matters most.

The triple stainless-steel mounting poles are off set, positioning the central mass of the device(s) over central axis of stand for optimum stability. The rake tops allow for convenient organization of IV bags. The three top poles also incorporate our patented slow descent telescoping inner pole for safe height adjustments while under load. The modern white casters will retain their appearance throughout the lifespan of the IV stand, eliminating any concerns of tarnishing. The premium casters provide effortless mobility and include an industry-leading 10-year warranty! Pryor builds every IV stand from the ground up using high grade steels, stainless steels, and includes a white epoxy powder coat finish, all extending the useful life of the IV stand while standing up to the harsh hospital environment.


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