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The Qwik-It

Universal Bed Transport System

A Quick solution that connects your IV pole and Hospital Bed.

Wouldn’t it be great if every nurse had a helping hand as busy as they are?

Push, pull, assist and lead. All day long.

However, during transport operation there is nothing a nurse could use more than an extra hand.
The Qwik-It is the solution nurses have been looking for years. Finally, it’s available. Only from Pryor Products.

Often during patient transport the nurse is pushing the bed with one hand and pulling the IV stand with the other.
For years this system has created unnecessary risk by putting the IV insertions in jeopardy if the nurse
loses grip while in motion. In other cases, a safer course of action is taken, but it requires recruiting an
additional nurse away from the primary care giving responsibilities. Recruiting in this manner is costly
and leaves patients without proper care.

The universal The Qwik-It quickly links the IV Stand to a proper configured bed becoming a single unit,
allowing the nurse to safely guide the patient and stand to their next destination.

The bed pin

The IV pole clamp

Attached to IV pole

Fully couple position

(Patient bed frame must have mount hole)

It’s Quick. It’s connected. It’s Both.

The Qwik-It becomes the missing link between bed and IV stand while in motion.

One end is a steel pin that quickly fits into one of open mount slots located on most modern hospital beds. The other end is a quick release clamp that secures the arm to the base of the IV stand in about five seconds.  Five critical seconds to safety.  Based on Pryor’s own “speed clamp” technology, the coupler moves quickly allowing it to attach to any IV Stand in a crisis.  Its intuitive design is ready to go, right out of the box making the Qwik-It  is a must have for every patient transport.

Permanent Mount Also Available

If a permanent mount is preferred, the Qwik-It comes with a permanent option as well. The permanent mount version simply replaces the speed clamp connector with two mount blocks that attach to the base pole of the IV stand. This model may be preferred to keep dedicated IV poles strictly for transport. For permanent option order as QK-IT02.

Permanent Mount Option

It’s Discreet

When not in use The Qwik-It drops quietly down alongside the base of the IV pole, safely out of the way. An integrated gas shock gently eases the arm down from its engaged position to become nearly invisible in the at-rest position.  The soft and slow lowering process also protects the finish of the stand’s base, extending their useful life for several more years. The gas shock also prevents impact noise against the base as it returns to the at-rest position, ensuring a quiet environment for patients before, during and after the transport is complete.

It’s Mobile

The Qwik-It weighs in at just four pounds making it easy for transport teams to move with them in between transport sessions.  The transport team could keep ten units on hand in a central location for rapid deployment, or place one on each pole in critical and frequent transport origination and termination locations, like x-ray, MRI and surgery departments.  The QuicKoupler is inexpensive and well-built and will quickly become an indispensable accessory throughout your facility.   You’ll soon wonder how you made it all these years without it.

It’s A Safe Choice

Let’s face it.  Safety first.  At all times. The transport process is always accompanied by some degree of risk and can’t be avoided.  But the risk can be reduced with sound preparation.

During the transport process the risk of a lagging, unattended IV pole that is connected to the patient with one or more lines active can lead to painful, traumatic and potentially life-threatening consequences.  The C-level executives will appreciate the team’s thoughtful consideration in taking every precaution to avoid these risks on a daily basis. Your patients will appreciate their uneventful, safe arrival for their next procedure.

The Qwik-It

Universal Bed Transport System

Speed Clamp Model order as QK-IT01

Permanent Mount Model order as QK-IT02

  • Universal Bed Transport System QK-IT01 (Speed Clamp)

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