Speed Clamp 289L


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Product Description

This clamp is part of the “Speed Clamp” family of products. The speed clamp family features a knob with rapid mounting functionality. The pump remains safely in place to keep IV fluids flowing freely. Additionally, this clamp includes a lock and key for added security in unique situations.

The clamp is anodized with a smooth, silver color finish. Its “Speed Clamp” technology allows for rapid tightening in NINE times fewer turns than a standard clamp. In other words, this clamp will be fully mounted in THREE seconds rather than the typical TWENTY seconds. This clamp is critical for nurses that are mounting one pump, or a rack of IV pumps, in emergency situations where speed is of the essence. Its controlled release function also delivers a safe and smooth dismount experience, insuring no pumps free fall during installation. It features a self-adjusting thrust plate and is an ideal clamp for heavy weight pumps.



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