Rolling Cart 500G


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  • Designed for Safety and Stability
  • 22-inch diameter five-leg steel laser base
  • 3-inch dual precision sealed bearing casters (10 yr. warranty)

  • Universal Computer Mount Plate
  • Mouse Pad Platform
  • Gas Shock Controlled Adjustable Height Support Handle

  • Accessory Basket

Product Description

The 500G is a stable low center of gravity five leg computer stand, with a universal mount computer plate along with a mouse platform.

This stand also features an adjustable height patient support handle to accommodate different heights for ideal ergonomic placement.

The Safety Series features an upgraded 22” diameter six leg laser base with improved stability along with high grade polymer sealed bearing casters for long lasting performance (10 yr. warranty on casters). This stand is built from the ground up using high grade steels, stainless steels, and polymers extending the useful life of the pole while standing up to the harsh hospital environment.



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