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Our Process

Our process of handcrafted manufacturing has been honed over at least half a century. It represents the culmination of feedback from a multitude suppliers, vendors and partners. Each incremental improvement was built in our “Continuous Improvement” model that helps us remain head and shoulders above our competitors.
You know quality when you feel it, right out of the box. And we have all of those that have helped us improve over the years to thank for that. Nothing grows a business like partnerships.


The best products start with the best materials.  Our suppliers have been partners for years and they understand our exacting standards for the material purity in our aluminum, steel and plastic components.  We never accept less than perfect, and they know it. Our craftsmen would know it the moment it hit their station.

Our extrusions and molds are cut to tight tolerances to all but eliminate mid-process failures.  The receiving crew has the tools and knowledge to maintain our standards right at the dock.


Immediately after receiving our fully extruded and molded materials, they are cut to specification. Your specification. And then it’s Pryor journey of thirty days begins.  Cut, drilled, bent and de-burred on “day one” to get the basic shape ready for safe handling throughout our manufacturing process.

The only type of “cut” we don’t perform is the “shortcut”.  Because we know there are lots of places you can get that done for you.

Welding and Grinding

Robotic welding and spot welding have a place in the manufacturing world, but not at Pryor.  Our safety and reliability are often rooted in the welding step that allows us to create the Lowest Center-of-Gravity (LCG) designs in the industry.  Our designs that call for custom, individualized welding procedures add the extra element of safety that just might keep your stand upright when others would fail.  

Welding is an art which creates long-lasting strength that snaps or screwed together products can’t match.  Our welds and LCG designs can keep your most unstable patients upright in challenging moments. And our skilled Grinders transform strength into beauty with a complex, manual smoothing process that yields a perfect seam that you may never have noticed if you are a current customer. But they do, every day, on every stand. As a craftsman would.


One of our most valuable capabilities is our farm of CNC machines. Multi-axis machining capability allows us to craft a piece of aluminum into a smooth, perfectly fitting clamp in a matter of minutes.  Or a piece of plastic into a prototype that goes beyond what a 3D computer model can provide in the design process.

These machines are extensions of our designer’s vision and provide the final step for our partners in getting to “Go” in their production worthy, full product design. Tweak, tune, cut (again) and FedEx.  Until it’s exactly right. This is not the time or the place for outsourcing a critical step. This is the time for a fully resourced and committed partner like Pryor, with all the right tools.


There are many types of finishing options that are selected to match the product’s environment. Coatings, paints, and electrostatic treatments are just a few of the options at our disposal and our design experts will advise you on the pros and cons of every option.

An anodized product from Pryor can resist the harsh conditions of an ICU and still be aesthetically pleasing.  Reliability and durability are hard to assess in brochures, but our treatments are what will keep you coming back, but not for many, many years. Our designs are built to last.

Even though we are largely a collection of manufacturing gear heads we understand the power and significance of your brand. We can customize your color scheme and place your logo in strategic positions if Marketing sees an opportunity to increase your visibility.

Assembly and Shipping

With all of the components manufactured, the final steps of assembly, test and shipping occur.  You’ll still find no robots, only highly trained craftsmen and women. Different products are assembled every day by different teams, but the result is the same: a high quality, reliable and durable product that will work well for you for years to come.  Well documented instructions and procedures are reflected in the final fit and finish.

Pryor keeps a “green” focus on every package it ships.  Our product’s unique shapes often challenge our experts to rethink easy choices. We balance ease of receiving and de-packaging with shipping safety.  On occasion we send our managers on-site to observe the customer experience in processing our shipments on receipt. Customer feedback can be found in most every package we have used to date. Continuous improvement is about moving forward in a balanced, cost-effective manner.

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