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Need help with unloading and install?

Pryor Now offers White Glove Service!

Acquiring new hospital equipment like IV Stands or Rolling Carts brings excitement–everyone enjoys new equipment! However, what is often overlooked is the install. Pryor Products has partnered with Pure Install to help with that need. No need to hire help or recruit several people for unloading and installation. With locations in every major metro area, Pryor Products will deploy a team to execute unloading, assembly, and cleanup. This service is recommended for full truckloads only.

Go live dates are critical!

The Team will meticulously manage the equipment install from start to finish helping achieve those critical deadlines.

Pricing is based on number of stands, assembly required, and debris removal.

All Packaging is Recyclable!

As part of our go green initiative, Pryor Products uses packaging solely from recycled materials.

The team will discard all packaging materials and put them back into cycle.

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