I.V. Stand 336


Minimum Order Quantity: 2
Lead Time (days): 30


  • 5-legs
  • 25″” diameter, durable ABS/polycarbonate base
  • 2.5″” twin wheel plastic casters
  • Knockdown 50″” stainless steel pole with slow-descending telescoping inner pole
  • 4 hook top
  • 56″” compressed, 102″” Fully extended ;
  • Shipping box is 24″” x 6″” x 50″”; shipping weight is 17 lbs”

Product Description

The 336 is a 5-leg, traditional 4-hook top IV stand and is a cost-effective option that features a polymer plastic base and nylon, twin wheel plastics casters. The stability of a 5 leg, 25-inch diameter base, combined with its light weight makes it ideal for a light duty use in a general care setting. It’s perfect for holding small infusion pumps or where the sustained weight is limited. The casters and stand are both warrantied for one full year.
Additionally, the top pole includes a controlled descent feature for safe height adjustments under load.

Its “flat-pack” packaging configuration for shipping convenience, rather than a welded base affords more storage and transportation options. (Please note that when the detachable stand is assembled, disassembly is unlikely to remove the base from the pole with standard tools).



Specs Documentation

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